Biodegradable Fuel Additive | Cortec VpCI-705 Featured in Oil and Gas Engineering

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Biodegradable Fuel Additive

Cortec® VpCI®-705 is featured in the February issue of Oil & Gas Engineering. Oil & Gas Engineering is a bi-monthly magazine that analyzes the challenges and opportunities posed by the changing North American oil and gas market and discusses how these changes will affect processing and distribution.

The VpCI-705 is a bio-based, biodegradable fuel additive to bio-fuels, produced using renewable and sustainable raw materials.  This product serves as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel stabilizer and water emulsifier for bio-diesel, diesel, gasoline, gasohol mixtures and other bio-fuels.  It provides multiphase corrosion protection, lubricity and elastomer protection all of the common engineering metals used in automotive fuel systems including tin plated and galvanized steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper base alloys, solder, zinc and die case alloys.  It does not contain trace metals, chlorides, chromates, nitrites or phosphates.  It absorbs water in tank and fuel line and can be fogged into fuel tanks.  It provides stability and reduces the build-up of static charges that cause explosions.

Biodegradable Fuel Additive | VpCI-705 Featured in Oil and Gas Engineering