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Lost of Damaged goods are the carrier's responsibility in all shipments. ECORR Systems wants to assist you in any way possible in collecting claims against a carrier, however our willingness to assist does not imply any liability on our part.

All shipments are signature requires unless we are advised otherwise. When your shipment arrives, please check for any damage to the exterior of the shipping container. If damage is evident, DO NOT REFUSE the shipment. Have the driver document such damage before accepting your package. In the event your items are indeed damage, you are responsible to file a claim with the carrier immediately. In the event of such circumstances, please refer to the Freight Claim Help section of our Shipping Policy for additional information.


When we ship your order, it will be tendered to the specified carrier (UPS, Federal Express, truck, etc). The driver will sign our bill of lading as proof that the goods were taken from us in perfect condition. The total number of packages will be noted on the bill of lading. Our responsibility for the goods ceases at this point and is passed to the carrier.

The goods remain the carrier's responsibility until the customer accepts the shipment. When your shipment arrives, look at the Bill of Lading carefully before signing - if the number of items received does not match the number on the Bill of Lading, note the correct number received, sign for the shipment and contact ECORR Systems Customer Service.


A damaged outer container is indicative of possible concealed damage to the goods inside. If you detect VISIBLE signs of damage to the outer shipping container DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT - ask the carrier to note an EXCEPTION detailing the observed damage (hole in box, crushed corner, received damaged [or short], subject to further examination). It is imperative that any such damage be noted so that a properly documented damage claim may be filed with the carrier. The reason you should make note of any damage (or shortage) to the shipment before you sign the freight bill is so the responsibility remains with the carrier.

PLEASE NOTE: the customer does not have the right to open any package until the shipment has been accepted by a signature on the Bill of Lading. The carrier retains legal responsibility for the shipment until signed for; allowing a customer to open a package before acceptance will compromise the carrier's legal position, so most carriers will enforce this strictly. After you sign for and accept the shipment you may then open the box to further inspect the goods inside. This is best done while the carrier is still present but is not required, as most carriers are in a hurry. Should you find that your goods are damaged please call the carrier's Terminal Manager right away and ask that he or she come out to inspect and write an inspection report. You must retain the shipping box and all packing materials. Also please call ECORR Systems Customer Service to advise us of the issue.

Customer is solely responsible for the inspection of the exterior shipping container(s). Failure to note any VISIBLE damage will transfer liability from the carrier to the customer; indicating the delivery matched the Bill of Lading and was received in good condition. In the absence of any exception, customer has effectively accepted the shipment AS IS and will bear full responsibility for any necessary repairs or replacement.


Concealed loss of damage of product discovered after delivery of shipment must be reported within 48 hours of receipt to the delivering carrier. Retain goods, containers, and packing materials in exact condition as found for inspection by the carrier. If you have a camera photograph the shipment (with packaging intact if possible) and also the damage. An inspector for the carrier should call within 48 hours. If you do not hear from the inspector, notify the carrier by registered mail and get a receipt. The carrier will issue an inspection report and give you a copy that must be used to support your claim. Again, advise ECORR Systems Customer Service 

IF YOU ARE CONCERNED OR CONFUSED ABOUT ANY OF THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SALES PERSON. Your satisfaction is our primary goal; since we cannot control what happens to your order once it's in the hands of a carrier, we want you to be fully aware of shipping legalities and procedures.


PLEASE NOTE: All orders are shipped signature required unless otherwise authorized by the customer. This is a security measure to protect ECORR Systems, the carrier, and most importantly to insure our customers do not experience loss or theft of their order.

If the shipping address you have chosen will not have an adult available to sign for your package during standard delivery hours, you may provide an alternate shipping address -OR- you may select the “Ship No Signature Required” option during the checkout process to authorize ECORR SystemsECORR Systems to leave your package at your doorstep.

Please be advised, neither ECORR Systems nor the carrier will accept responsibility for any loss or damage to packages left at the customer’s door, and your selection of this shipping option acknowledges this.


Standard Common Carrier deliveries are to a commercial customer's dock or door. Shipment to a home office is considered a residential delivery.

It is the customer's responsibility to unload their shipment from a truck. The trucker is not required to unload the shipment or bring it into your office or warehouse. If your company does not have a dock the carrier is required only to make a tailgate delivery. In most cases the driver will help unload the shipment, but you need to be prepared for the delivery, which will involve carrying the pieces off the truck and into your facility. If a residential, lift gate and/or inside delivery is required please notify your salesperson so proper arrangements can be made in advance. Residential, lift gate and inside deliveries bear additional cost.

Please note that due to escalating fuel surcharges, all verbal and written freight estimates are subject to change. All ship dates are estimated and are subject to change.


All of ECORR Systems's products are shipped by common carrier for residential tailgate delivery (unless arrangements for lift gate have been made ahead of time). This method of shipment requires the trucker to deliver the case to the end of their truck at your location. The trucker is not required to unload the shipment or bring it into your home - this is the customer's responsibility. In most cases the driver will help unload the shipment, but you need to be prepared for the delivery, which will involve carrying the pieces off the truck and into your home. If you would like the shipment lowered off the truck for you, or delivered into your home, this may be arranged with the delivering trucking company when they contact you with your notification call. 


If no one is home the first time a pre-arranged attempt is made to deliver your order, and the trucker has to make a re-delivery, you may be asked to pay a re-delivery charge.


If you do not make arrangements with the trucking company to get your order delivered within a week after receiving notice from them that the order is at their terminal, they may charge you for storage per day. You can easily avoid this by simply responding to their notice in a timely manner.


UPS is unable to ship packages to APO / FPO locations and therefore must be shipped via Parcel Post. You will receive a quotation from a ECORR Systems sales representative detailing applicable freight charges. Should you wish to proceed with your order, we will charge the provided credit card at that time. All APO / FPO orders will complete processing upon customer approval.

PLEASE NOTE: ECORR Systems is unable to guarantee delivery via Parcel Post or to APO / FPO addresses due to the Postal Service's inability to track shipments and ensure delivery. The customer accepts full responsibility in the event the item is lost or undeliverable. All ship dates are estimated and subject to change.

Additionally, the Post Office allows any insured articles shipped to an APO or FPO a 75 day grace period for delivery until a claim may be filed. Once a claim has been filed, the APO or FPO has an additional 60 days to respond before the Post Office will consider issuing a refund. This process may take up to 5 months from date of mailing until the insured article is reimbursed.


If you need to file a claim there are specific documents required, hold on to them to avoid delays in settlement. The documents are as follows:

1. Original bill of lading.
2. Original destination freight bill.
3. Original invoice or other evidence of value.
4. Correspondence with ECORR Systems or carrier.
5. Concealed loss form or copy of inspector's report. 
6. Itemized bill for cost of repairs (if, with carrier's approval, you have repaired the damage).

Please do not return goods to ECORR Systems or instruct the carrier to return goods without first securing written authorization and shipping instructions from ECORR Systems.

ECORR Systems wants to assist you in any way possible in collecting claims against carriers for loss or damage, but our willingness to do so does not make us responsible for the filing or collection of claims, or the replacement of materials.

If you want a replacement part immediately, you can order it over the phone, cover the cost and prepaid freight. We will then ship the part and mail you a receipted invoice which you can use along with your freight claim, so you can collect directly from the trucking company.


Select products do not recover from freezing. IMPORTANT: Lead time may be substantially increased during winter months due to freezing temperatures. When speaking with your sales representative, please keep in mind that we are unable to ship some products during freezing temperatures. Items MUST be shipped via Heated Truck.

It is often very difficult to find trucks that will guarantee the product will not freeze, therefore lead times for these products could be out months depending on weather conditions.  The products that do not go back into solution once frozen are as follows:

  • BioClean 610
  • BioCorr
  • BioCorr FT
  • BioCorr Green
  • BioCorr 10
  • BullFrog High Shine Wax
  • BullFrog Rust Blocker
  • BullFrog Rustorer
  • CorrBarrier
  • CorroLogic Part A
  • CorrShield Gold
  • CorrShield Transit Coating
  • CorrVerter (all colors)
  • EcoAir BioCorr
  • EcoAir BioClean EcoPrimer
  • EcoSpray 389
  • M-95
  • M-118
  • M-119
  • M-119 LV
  • VpCI-350 AHS
  • VpCI-352
  • VpCI-355
  • VpCI-372
  • VpCI-373 (all colors)
  • VpCI-374
  • VpCI-375
  • VpCI-380
  • VpCI-383
  • VpCI-386 (all colors)
  • VpCI-386 Aluminum
  • VpCI-387
  • VpCI-388
  • VpCI-389
  • VpCI-390
  • VpCI-391
  • VpCI-392
  • VpCI-395 Part A (all colors)
  • VpCI-411
  • VpCI-440
  • VpCI-705 Bio
  • VpCI-812
  • VpCI-819