VpCI-105 Emitters | Superior multi-metal corrosion protection in any enclosure

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Cortec Corporation continues to show its strength and global leadership in the Corrosion Inhibitor Industry with another great press release featured in a prominent international publication. Emerald is a global publisher linking research and practice to the benefit of society. The company manages a portfolio of nearly 300 journals and over 2,350 books and book series volumes, as well as providing an extensive range of online products.

Coming from Cortec's® EcoSonic line, vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI®)-105 Emitters powered by NANO-VpCI are unique, patented, compact, space-saving and high-tech systems. They are designed to provide corrosion protection for metal components and parts enclosed in non-ventilated control boxes, cabinets or tool boxes up to 142 L (5 cubic feet). These economical, non-toxic and safe-to-handle emitters emit VpCIs, which form a monomolecular protective coating on all metal surfaces.

VpCI-105 Emitters | Superior multi-metal corrosion protection in any enclosure

Corrosion of complex electronic and electrical equipments is an increasingly serious problem which triggers expensive failures during manufacturing, shipping, storage or field operations. It can be caused by numerous factors such as salt, humidity, moisture and contaminants. By using Ecosonic VpCI-105 Emitter, corrosion can be stopped at any step from manufacturing to final installation.

EcoSonic VpCI-105 is a plastic emitter with a breathable Tyvek® membrane through which the corrosion inhibitor is released. It provides long-term protection against corrosion even in the presence of adverse conditions including salt, moisture, airborne contaminants, H2S, SO2 and NH3and others. VpCI-105 Emitters are very effective in polluted and humid environments and provide continuous protection for up to 24 months.

These emitters do not interfere with electrical, optical or mechanical surface properties, they are extremely simple, quick and convenient to install and protect during operation and shutdown. Products are free of nitrites, halogens and phosphates and have very low volatile organic compounds (VOC) values. No spraying, wiping or dipping is required.

Typical applications

  • Packaging and storage of electrical, electronic and marine navigation equipment;
  • Aerospace electrical controls and electric motors, switching equipment;
  • Medical and telecommunications equipment, terminal, fuse and power boxes;
  • Scientific and measuring instruments, remote electronics devices; and
  • Hand-held battery-operated devices, tool-boxes, gun safes and any other enclosure for metal storage.

Ecosonic VpCI-105 Emitter meets Southern California Clean Air Act and other national and local regulations. It is accepted by the Food and Drug Administration for corrosion protection of electrical and electronic equipments within food processing plants and approved for the US military and NATO as well as NSN 6850-01-406-2060. The product conforms to NACE Standard 0487-2000, MIL I-22110C and is RoHS-compliant (Figure 1).

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