Cortec's EcoClean VpCI-411 Cleaner/Degreaser

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Find Out What Multi-Purpose Really Means With Cortec®'s EcoClean® VpCI®-411 Cleaner/Degreaser!

Cortec® presents VpCI®-411, a highly concentrated, heavy-duty, water-dilutable, D-Limonene - based cleaner/degreaser liquid with patented, world renowned Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting technology. VpCI®-411 is a super economical replacement for numerous surface preparation products saving customer's money and time. 

This bio-based, biodegradable product is designed for extra tough cleaning jobs in industrial and commercial applications. It outperforms other cleaners/degreasers and unlike other solvent based cleaners available on the market it powerfully fights corrosion while being environmentally safe and easy to use.

By incorporating VpCI® technology into the cleaning/degreasing processes corrosion protection is offered while surfaces are at their most vulnerable state.

VpCI®-411 effectively cleans heavy-duty machinery, shop tools, hoods, parts-in-process, food processing equipment, office equipment, floors, walls, lavatories and desks. It is excellent in dissolving grease, oil, paraffins and waxes and offers a pleasant odor.

his cleaner/degreaser can be used on all engineering metals and alloys. Unlike other solvent based cleaners which are harmful to human skin and classified as hazardous materials, VpCI®- 411 is completely safe to handle, it is non-toxic, non-abrasive and extremely economical. VpCI®-411 contains 81 percent biobased ingredients and is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified biobased product for Federal Agency Preferred Purchasing programs.

VpCI®-411 is excellent for cleaning/protection of heavily soiled parts like gearboxes, engines, oil platforms, process and plant machinery.