Cortec Patented Corrosion Inhibiting Vapors for Encased Articles

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Cortec® Corporation’s “Corrosion Inhibiting Vapor For Use In Connection With Encased Articles” US Patent Number 8,800,224 Was Published August 12th, 2014!

Cortec® has long been a leader in the application of volatile corrosion inhibitors (sold primarily under the VpCI® brand) to solve a wide range of important corrosion problems. That leadership and innovation is again demonstrated with the publication of its latest patent US 8,800,224. This technology was developed to solve specific problems with corrosion of cables on suspension bridges. However, it was found to be broadly useful for a range of applications in which structural tension elements are at risk from corrosion. In this approach, structural elements are directly treated with a gas stream saturated with volatile corrosion inhibitors. It provides a cost effective, safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly alternative to other available corrosion inhibitor treatments. The technology can be used to extend the life of structures already experiencing corrosion problems, or to prevent the problems from starting in the first place. With this new technology, Cortec® has again “raised the bar” on our competitors.

The Severn Bridge, in Wales, England, is a cable stay bridge maintained by the UK Highways Agency, and is an example of a bridge using this technology. The suspension cables on this bridge type are known to corrode over a long period of time. The first inspection of the main cables found they were corroded and had reduced structural strength. An acoustic monitoring system and dry air injection system were installed on both main suspension cables to control the deterioration. To enhance the dry air injection system, a corrosion inhibitor was included. The world-renowned bridge design-engineering firm, Mott MacDonald, specified this corrosion inhibiting treatment for this project because of the effectiveness, ease of application, and low overall cost.

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