Cortec Expands Corrosion Inhibiting Coated Paper Products!

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The World's Largest VCI/VpCI® Plant 

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Cortec Expands Corrosion Inhibiting Coated Paper Products

Cortec® Corporation, the World Leader in Innovative Corrosion Protection Solutions, is very proud to announce the production expansion of Cortec® Coated Products (CCP) the world’s largest producer of VCI/VpCI® coated paper. The machine expansion allows patented coating chemistries production of jumbo rolls at 100" wide (2.5m) and processing 2000 ft. per minute. This new development has brought Cortec’s Coated Products to full capacity - making it one of the most modern paper coating plants in North America. The newest addition to the existing kiwi printer is the state-of-the-art 3200mm A&F 2-drum slitter rewinder machine, which will improve quality and speed up the processes.

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Coated Paper Products

Cortec® Coated Products is a manufacturer of coated specialty paper, board, and films for the printing and packaging industry. Cortec® Coated Products goal is to develop innovative ideas and creative solutions designed and based on a culture of high standards, manufacturing extraordinary quality coated papers and films, while providing superior service to our customers.

Growing customer needs gives Cortec® Coated Products the opportunity to continuously invest millions of dollars to improve and expand its production lines with new equipment, facilities, and new processes, which strengthens the plant’s position in the market and efficiently meets customer’s needs and expectations.

Corrosion Inhibiting Paper

Cortec® Coated Products builds on its experience in this specialized field to remain a forerunner in the coated paper and film industry. No competitor can even come close to the quality, efficiency, nitrite free, multi-metal VpCI® protection, ability to take jumbo rolls, rail siding, bulk chemical mixing, and more. The plant is strategically located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, near major paper mills, JIT to East and West Coasts, Midwest, Southern States.

Cortec® Coated Products is a proud member of the Wisconsin Green Master’s Program in the Paper/ Packaging/Forestry sector. This is an objective, points-based recognition program that enables Wisconsin institutions of all sizes and from any sector to join a group of like-minded companies that are “on the road to sustainability.”

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