Cortec BioPouch Nominated Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards!

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Cortec’s BioPouchTM Powered by NANO-VpCI® Is Nominated For The 2015 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards!

Cortec's BioPouchTM has been nominated for the 2015 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards in the Chemical Treatment category for its contribution to the advancement of environmentally safe corrosion protection solutions. Materials Performance (MP), the world's largest circulated monthly journal dedicated exclusively to corrosion prevention and control, is one of six trade journals published by NACE International. BioPouchTM is one of twenty one innovations chosen for this years awards and only one of two in the Chemical Treatment category. In 2013 Cortec® won this award for PTC Emitters.

Award recipients will be announced at NACE International's CORROSION 2015 Conference and Exhibition in Dallas, Texas, March 15-19, 2015.

The MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards was designed with the intention to showcase progressive technological developments in all aspects of corrosion prevention and mitigation. It also recognizes the innovators who have created these groundbreaking solutions to combat corrosion and protect vital assets from its damaging effects. The nominated innovation can be related to coatings and linings, materials, design, equipment, testing, monitoring, integrity assessment, cathodic protection, chemical treatment—anything that directly relates to corrosion prevention and mitigation. The award recipients will be announced at NACE International’s CORROSION 2015 Conference and Exhibition in Dallas, Texas, March 15-­19, 2015.

Cortec’s BioPouch™ is a revolutionary “green” Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) for the protection of metal parts in a non-­-ventilating space. BioPouchTM is powered by NANO-­-VpCI® technology, primarily made from agricultural by products. It is the latest advancement in vapor phase corrosion inhibiting technology. NANO­-VpCI’s emit from the pouch and saturate the enclosure via diffusion, filling all void spaces, and recessed areas with protective vapor molecules. These molecules are attracted to and adsorb onto metallic surfaces, resulting in the formation of a NANO--VpCI® protective barrier layer. Studies have shown the ability for NANO-VpCI® molecules to provide protection in the presence of corrosive species, (i.e. chlorides, moisture, sulfides) and displace them at the metal surface. BioPouchTM provides an extremely efficient and easy method to protect metals within an enclosed space. In case a NANO-­VpCI® protective layer is disturbed by moisture or opening of an enclosed space, the layer is replenished by continuous vapor re-­-deposition.

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