How to Select the Most Effective Cortec Rust Preventative for Your Specific Needs

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Research shows that rust costs companies and people around $2.5 billion globally, equating to around 3.4% of the world's gross domestic product. Replacing rusting structures is costly amid today's rising construction material costs.

Cortec Rust Preventative from ECORR Systems can help prevent rust issues on parts like bolts, nuts, spindles, and flanges. Cortec Vapor-Phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI) technology is a remarkable development in corrosion prevention, offering both environmental and economic benefits. The VpCI products from Cortec are not only biodegradable but also self-replenishing, providing effective protection for multiple metals. This breakthrough solution ensures enhanced durability while minimizing the impact on the environment.

The VpCI process ensures effective protection while providing a range of functional benefits. Read more about the process below.

VpCI Process:

  1. Vaporization: VpCI technology undergoes vaporization.
  1. Conditioning: It conditions the enclosed atmosphere with a protective vapor.
  1. Migration: The vapor migrates to recessed areas and cavities.
  1. Condensation: It condenses on all metal surfaces.
  1. Ion Dissolution: Ions dissolve, forming a thin monomolecular protective layer (water electrolyte) on the metal surface.
  1. Self-Replenishment: The protective layer re-heals and self-replenishes through further vapor condensation.
  1. Additional Functionalities: It combines with other functional properties such as antistatic, coatings, paint removing, cleaning, fire retardant, polymeric, desiccant, lubricant, and rust removing.

Knowing which Cortec rust preventative will be most effective depends on the application. Let's explore how to select the right one for your needs.

Metal Storage Situation

Are you trying to prevent metal parts from rusting outdoors? Choose VpCI-368 or VpCI-391 Cortec Rust Preventative. These products can help shield your parts from humidity changes without being washed away in rainy weather.

Metal corrodes, or wears away, much more quickly in humid environments. That's because moisture-filled air reacts with electrons and oxygen on the metal's surface.

Moisture begins to form on the metal when a temperature change accompanies a significant boost in humidity. The moisture, called condensation, leads to corrosion. Corrosion leads to rust.

A couple of other Cortec Rust Preventative options will work well on your metal parts if you're storing them outside but in a sheltered environment, like a shed or carport. These products include EcoLine-3690 or VpCI-369.

What rust preventative works best for metals stored inside? Choose BioCorr, EcoLine-3220, VpCI-239, or VpCI-377.

Application/ Film Type

Your application will also help determine the type of Cortec Rust Preventative you choose. You'll need a thick, oily, or thin and dry preventative.

Choose VpCI-368 or VpCI-391 preventative if you need a thick product. EcoLine-3220, EcoLine-3690, and VpCI-369 are ideal for applications requiring oily products. Pick BioCorr, VpCI-239, and VpCI-377 for those needing thin and dry products.

Use a thin and dry preventative on parts with tight tolerances. Note that the preventative will be virtually invisible.

An oily rust preventative may work well for a rotating component. These components may include robot arms, rotary tables, spools, and winders.

Thick rust preventatives may work best in situations requiring heavy-duty rust protection. They work well for wheel arches and chassis components.

Product Carrier/ Company Requirements

Your company's requirements may help you pick the best Cortec Rust Preventative. Your employer may want you to use a worker-friendly and sustainable product. A biobased or water-based preventative might be the best solution.

What if your company has specifications that they've followed for years? They might ask you to use solvent-based rust preventative.

Solvent-based Cortec Rust Preventative options include VpCI-239 and VpCI-368. Water-based preventatives include VpCI-377 and VpCI-391.

Bio-based preventative options range from BioCorr to EcoLine-3220 and EcoLine-3690.

A solvent-based preventative is longer-lasting and more flexible than a water-based one. It forms a coating that prevents oxygen and water from eating away at your metal parts. Use this solvent to coat the following types of metal parts:

  • Castings
  • Structural steel
  • Housing
  • Pumps
  • Bars

These products also work well for sintered metals. These solid items are made using metal powders, pressure, and heat.

A bio-based preventative is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than a solvent one. It's also easier and cheaper to discard since it doesn't harm the environment.

This product is the best option for automotive components, especially those in a vehicle's transmission. Other parts that may benefit from this rust preventative are:

  • Pipes
  • Dies
  • Machined parts

The eco-friendly preventative works well for pipe threads, stamped metal, and jigs, too. It's effective on the recesses, crevices, and exposed surfaces on aluminum, steel, and iron parts.

Ease of Removal

Consider whether you'll need to clean the part you plan to cover with a rust preventative. This will influence your Cortec Rust Preventative decision.

A thicker rust preventative is appropriate if you plan to power-wash the part. Other rust preventatives are fitting for applications requiring no washing or light washing.

Thicker rust preventatives for power-washing situations include VpCI-368 and VpCI-391. Choose these preventatives for parts that aren't sheltered outdoors and may experience harsh conditions.

The best options for parts requiring light washing include EcoLine-3690, EcoLine-3220, VpCI-239, and VpCI-369. These are often ideal for parts in high humidity and marine conditions. Examples of these parts include automotive parts, wires, and electronic components.

Use BioCorr or VpCI-377 if your parts won't require washing. Typical applications for these products include any finished part or tubular part.

Rust Preventative Usage and Storage Tips

Remove visible debris from the part or equipment receiving a rust preventative. Examples of this debris include fingerprints, dirt, oil, and grease. This will help the preventative adhere to the surface.

Shake up the preventative before using it to ensure all ingredients mix. This will make the product more effective.

Ensure your Cortec Rust Preventative remains sealed in between uses. These products typically have a shelf life of up to two years if stored properly. Keep them in a dry, cool environment indoors.

Order a Rust Preventative Today

The best Cortec Rust Preventative for your situation depends on several factors. These include where you plan to store the product and your application. Other factors are your company's requirements and whether you'll need to wash the part.

At ECORR Systems, we offer economical and eco-friendly rust preventatives. Our other products include corrosion removal solutions. These products are designed for multiple applications, including metal working and steel production.

We can help you choose the best product for your needs. We'd gladly answer questions about any of our products before you buy. Contact us to learn more, and order today!

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