Stripping Has Never Been Easier – Use VpCI-372 Temporary Coating!

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Cortec VpCI-372 Strippable CoatingVpCI-372 is a dry film temporary coating for parts and equipment. It provides dual protection from atmospheric corrosion and physical nicks, abrasions, and scratches. The water-based milky white liquid can be applied by spray, brush, roll, or dip and produces a clear film for easy equipment inspection. It can also be tinted in a wide variety of colors to identify parts. When it is time to access equipment, the dry temporary coating can be easily peeled away from the surface to uncover a clean, ready-to-use substrate.

Suggested uses for VpCI-372 include:

  • Protection of clean metal surfaces for storage/shipping
  • Protection of painted surfaces from physical abuse during storage/shipping
  • Protection of clean surfaces during other finishing operations as a masking function
  • Paint booths • Tooling
  • Keypads

VpCI-372VpCI-372 is VOC compliant and can be disposed of as solid waste. It is fast drying, requires no solvents or special equipment to remove, and leaves behind an uncontaminated surface. VpCI-372 inhibits corrosion on multiple metals, and can be applied to some plastics (removability testing is suggested for each plastic).

Cortec CorShield VpCI-372 conforms to NACE Standard RP 0487-2000 and ASTM-2196.

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