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Cortec Corporation

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ECORR Systems specializes in Cortec VpCI products, with over 3 decades of experience in corrosion and rust mitigation. Cortec products may also be manufactured to your specifications. Use our Request Information form to provide your application requirements.

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    Cortec VpCI® Cooling Tower Frog® | Corrosion Inhibitor

    Cooling Tower Frog® is a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) powder packaged in polyvinyl-alcohol water soluble bags. It is specially developed for dry lay-up of cooling towers for seasonal, short or long term lay-up and is effective up to 12 months.

    This product offers an extremely efficient method of protecting multi-metals in enclosed spaces. When the bag is cut open, the VpCI's vaporize and adsorb on all metal surfaces - reaching even recessed areas and interior cavities. The VpCI's form a strong, self-replenishing, protective, molecular layer on the metal.

    Designed for ease of application, Cortec's Cooling Tower Frog® Corrosion Inhibitor enables an easy start-up.

    Cortec is a world leader in rust and corrosion removal and protection. Cortec VpCI products offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly corrosion protection solutions that are bio-degradable, self replenishing and provide multi-metal protection.


    • Continuous multi-metal corrosion protection during layup
    • Multi-phase protection (vapor phase, liquid phase, and at the air-water interface)
    • Fully biodegradable PVA bags


    • Protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
    • Requires little or no surface preparation
    • No special preparation necessary prior to startup
    • Eliminates environmental hazards and disposal problems
    • Reduces chemical consumption and cost
    • Enables safe and easy hands-off application

    Note: After application, the internal spaces should be sealed from the outside atmosphere.

    PACKAGING AND STORAGE: (2) water soluble bags per carton (4 lbs. per bag). Bag Dimensions: 10 x 14" (25 cm x 35 cm). Store in a sealed container in a dry and cool warehouse. Do not store in conditions above 150°F (66°C)

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