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ECORR Systems specializes in Cortec VpCI products, with over 3 decades of experience in corrosion and rust mitigation. Cortec products may also be manufactured to your specifications. Use our Request Information form to provide your application requirements.

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    Cortec Cor-Pak® VpCI® | Stretch Film | 20 x 3000 ft

    Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film is a unique high-performance stretch film designed to operate consistently for machine wrap applications in metals packaging. Its patented technology provides the ultimate in multimetal corrosion protection by protecting all metal surfaces in the package through the use of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®). The superior holding force in Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film makes automation of packaging lines possible while improving package integrity and appearance. This unique stretch film is fully recyclable and consistently monitored for quality.

    The combination of enhanced polyethylene resins with VpCI® technology makes Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film the most advanced corrosion inhibiting stretch film available today on the market.

    Cortec® is a world leader in rust and corrosion removal and protection. Cortec® VpCI® products offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly corrosion protection solutions that are bio-degradable, self replenishing and provide multi-metal protection.


    • Does not leave residue, allowing immediate use of protected parts
    • Provides multimetal corrosion protection with VpCI® action
    • Self-adhering film bonds to each layer for added strength
    • Helps keep dust, dirt, and moisture off warehouse stock
    •Superior performance in light gauges allows down gauging and cost effectiveness
    • Up to a 3:1 stretch ratio
    • Recyclable


    • Aluminum
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Carbon Steel
    • Silicon Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Cast Iron


    Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film is compatible with commercially available manual and automatic stretch wrapping equipment.

    SHELF LIFE: 2 years

    PACKAGING AND STORAGE:  Each roll is approximately 20" x 3000' (50.8 cm x 914 m).

    Cor-Pak® Stretch film is also available in standard hand grade sizes and gauges.

    Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film should be stored indoors at room temperature, sealed in its original packaging.

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