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Cortec Corporation

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ECORR Systems specializes in Cortec VpCI products, with over 3 decades of experience in corrosion and rust mitigation. Cortec products may also be manufactured to your specifications. Use our Request Information form to provide your application requirements.

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    Cortec VpCI®-238 | ElectriCorr Cleaner Spray | (6) 9.45 oz 

    Designed for use in a sheltered environment, ElectriCorr VpCI®-238's continuous Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor action saves money by extending product life and eliminating down-time due to corrosion. ElectriCorr VpCI®-238 forms a molecular film effective against aggressive environments, including industrial, marine and tropical climates. This film does not alter the electrical resistance, optical or magnetic properties. ElectriCorr VpCI®-238 can be safely applied for protection of even low-voltage circuits or relays without causing any changes in conductivity. It can be safely used with plastics, elastomers and other non-metallics. In addition to corrosion protection, ElectriCorr VpCI®-238 is an excellent contact cleaner of oils, grime and other contaminants.

    Cortec is a world leader in rust and corrosion removal and protection. Cortec VpCI® products offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly corrosion protection solutions that are bio-degradable, self replenishing and provide multi-metal protection.


    • Instant corrosion protection
    • Long-term multi-metal protection
    • Minimized field service
    • Increased corrosion protection at a lower cost than conventional rust preventatives
    • CFC- and 1,1,1-Trichlorethane-free
    • Vapor phase protection in vented or unvented enclosures
    • May be used as a cleaning agent
    • Moisture-displacing and penetrating film characteristics
    • NSN #6850-01-413-9361 (aerosol form)


    • Printed circuit boards
    • Electrical contacts and components
    • Electric motors
    • Corrosion protection of different metals in humid environment
    • Generators and junction boxes
    • Spray for use after final assembly or in the field

    SHELF LIFE: Up to 3 or more years in sealed packages.

    PACKAGING AND STORAGE: ElectriCorr VpCI®-238 aerosol spray is available in cartons of (6) 9.45 oz. (267.75 gram) cans. ElectriCorr VpCI®-238 should be kept from high temperatures and in normal warehouse conditions to prevent from freezing.

    UNITED STATES SHIPPING CLASSIFICATION: Hazardous when shipping via air.

    NOTE: This product classified as hazardous for shipment via air on UPS and is subject to a HAZMAT fee for air shipment. These fees are NOT calculated at checkout and will be charged separately. A Customer Service representative will contact you with details at time of shipment.

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