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Item #: RIV-VCI-G6-5
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Cortec Corporation

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    G-6 Corrosion Inhibitor Powder 5 lb.

    G-6, benzotriazole, is a proven corrosion inhibitor for copper and copper-based alloys. G-6 functions by reacting with surface copper oxides to form a strong, insoluble polymeric complex. This complex creates a protective layer or film on the copper surface, 10- to 20- molecule thick, that provides both a mechanical and electrochemical barrier against corrosive attack.

    This protective layer has a high degree of thermal and oxidative stability and cannot be easily removed. G-6 complexes copper ions in solution, thereby preventing galvanic corrosion of other metals in contact with copper.

    PACKAGING: This product is packaged in 5 pound (2.3 kg) pails.

    SHELF LIFE: Up to 24 months.

    STORAGE: Product should be stored in heated warehouse conditions to avoid freezing.