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Cortec Corporation

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ECORR Systems specializes in Cortec VpCI products, with over 3 decades of experience in corrosion and rust mitigation. Cortec products may also be manufactured to your specifications. Use our Request Information form to provide your application requirements.

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    Cortec VpCI®-126 | Blue Zip Lock Bags | 9" x 12" | 1,000 Pcs

    VpCI (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor) 126 Series films combine the latest film technology with the most effective corrosion protection for all of your metal products. Sealing your product in Cortec VpCI® films protects metal parts from all types of corrosion including rust, tarnish, stains, white rust and oxidation for up to 5 years. VpCI®-126 is transparent, making it easy to identify parts. Additionally, it does not contain free amines, phosphates, or halogen-based materials, and is non-toxic.

    Conforms to MIL-PRF-22019D (Type l), according to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, QPL 13600 Ser 43500B120-3/531.

    Cortec is a world leader in rust and corrosion removal and protection. Cortec VpCI® products offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly corrosion protection solutions that are bio-degradable, self replenishing and provide multi-metal protection.

    SHELF LIFE: Two years from time of shipment.

    PACKAGING AND STORAGE: This product is a corrosion inhibiting transparent zip lock bag that is 9" x 12" (22.9 cm x 30.5 cm). The material is also available in a variety of standard and customized forms including bags, sheeting-reinforced film, Zip-Lock and Auto-Bags, gusseted liners, bags-on-a-roll, perforated sheeting, coil covers, shrink film and tubing- to protect small or large parts. Antistatic (ESD) varieties are available as well as coextruded constructions. Opaque formulations are also available. Thickness: 4 Mil. 1,000 Bags Per Carton. Carton Weight: 33 lbs.

    FDA approved and recyclable.